Waseca Cares Yard Sign

In this time of political tension, we are reminded of how passionate people are about the places they live. Get a Waseca Cares lawn sign to advertise your love for this community and the care you hold to make it a better place to live in for our neighbors and friends.

The lawn signs are available for pick up or drop off at your house. All lawn signs should be removed within 10 days after November 3rd to remain in line with city code.

Free signs until supplies run out!

Click here to get a sign dropped off at your home!

Waseca Community Vision Statement

"Waseca is an energetic, wholesome community that welcomes and supports all people in all stages of life. We envision a future that strengthens our regional connections through leadership opportunities, economic development and investment in high quality community assets resulting in the creation of a vibrant, dynamic community of the future."

Since 1993

Community Engagement Effort

Today, each community member and organization has something to contribute to the success of our city. Guided by the action pillars, committees become dedicated to projects and people that are shaping the city for the better. Get involved today for opportunities to help future generations and to create a sense of belonging in Waseca!

Waseca Vision 2030 is an initiative of BEST of Waseca County, in partnership with Waseca Public Schools, Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Health Systems – Waseca and the City of Waseca.

Our community is at a crossroad. We can either take control and identify our own future, or we can passively allow outside factors to determine what Waseca will be in 10, 20, or 30 years. In order take control, it is critical that we, as a community, determine what that future should look like. This process will assist our community in describing our shared vision, so everyone is working towards the same future. Hundreds of decisions will be made in this community in the coming years that will impact what our future looks like. Some of these decisions might address a specific problem, but the reason for the visioning process is so that EVERY decision made helps us get closer to the vision we have for the community.


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