Celebration Event, Oct 28th

On October 28th, community members of Waseca gathered in person at the Mill and virtually through Zoom. Attendance was reported right around 30 people who were lead through an exercise to re-engage folks around Vision 2030s action pillars.

Around the room, or virtually, members could see each pillar and items that had already been completed related to each item. They were asked to reflect on the amazing things that have already been completed and urged to add any additional completed projects to each action pillar.

Next, attendees noted what steps could be taken next under each action pillar to make our community successful and fulfill the vision. Overall, it was a wonderful evening and people were glad to have the chance to talk and connect over our town.

We find small opportunities each day to connect with people over the wants and needs of Waseca. Connecting with others is the joy and greatest benefit of doing work like this! To learn more about our events and attend our next gathering, please like our Facebook page for updates or ask to be on our emailing list. Thank you!