Creating a Vibrant, Dynamic Community 

The Vibrant-Dynamic Action Team had a wonderful year with projects that focused on public art and community building. The committee received funding from the city council to create law signs that promoted our compassion for our community as well as funding to create promotional content to get the word out about Vision 2030 and all the work we do for Waseca!

Here are what folks identified as projects that have promoted a vibrant and dynamic community here in Waseca in the last two years!

  • Ladies Night Specialty Shops
  • Marching Classic
  • Waseca County Fair
  • Waseca Art Center creative programs
  • Library held two Wellness Days
  • Community Ed Programs
  • Discover Waseca Tourism Group.
  • A police and fire department that cares about the citizens.
  • Library Coding Days- went into middle school to teach coding.
  • Library Babysitting Camps- taught negotiation, kids crafts, snack preparation.
  • Library Adventure packs.
  • Engaging 4H to help paint picnic tables and play structure at the Waldorf city park.
  • East-West International Education Foundation
  • Venues for weddings, graduations, etc. – different ranges (Miller-Armstrong, The Mill)
  • Sleigh and cutter festival
  • Top 10 of Small Business Revolution
  • We have a great library and art center –
  • Waseca Historical Society
  • Relocation of Waldorf library
  • New holiday lights in Waldorf
  • Trowbridge bandstand restoration