BEST of Waseca County, in partnership with Waseca Public Schools, Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Health Systems – Waseca, and the City of Waseca hired Future iQ, a consulting firm to draft a visioning document with help of over 500 Waseca participants to help us imagine what the future of Waseca could and should look like.

That document revealed a multitude of insights, the most rewarding of which were the four action pillars all Waseca residents agreed were the ingredients to what a successful future will look like.

First, creating high-quality community assets. Assets are any useful, valuable part of a community. Assets include access to two lakes, parks, big industry, libraries and art centers, roads, and more. Investment by the city, county, and individuals into improving, maintaining, and adding new assets makes our city more valuable.

Second, expanding and leveraging economic development initiatives. Economic development was highlighted in the study as the key to creating a long-lasting and successful community. A strong economy in a town created jobs and improves the quality of living.

Third, strengthening regional connectivity. Waseca benefits from being close to larger cities like Mankato, Owatonna, and the Twin Cities. Partnering and collaborating with regional people, businesses, and more help keep Waseca thriving for years to come.

Lastly, all of these other pillars add up to creating a vibrant dynamic community. Waseca is currently doing many of the things needed to create a bright future for the city, but it has the opportunity to do more to avoid being trapped behind the rapid speed of change in our world today. Collaborative leadership, promoting social connectivity, and inspiring others help in countless ways for the betterment of Waseca.