Action Pillar Committees

BEST of Waseca County, in partnership with Waseca Public Schools, Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Health Systems – Waseca, and the City of Waseca hired Future iQ, a consulting firm to draft a visioning document with help of over 500 Waseca participants to help us imagine what the future of Waseca could and should look like. That document revealed a multitude of insights, the most rewarding of which were the four action pillars all Waseca residents agreed were the ingredients to what a successful future will look like. Click here to read about each of the four and how they relate to Vision 2030. 

Many organizations are already working hard to create a more positive future for Waseca, our county, our country, and our world. The City, the Chamber of Commerce, volunteer clubs, and more all invest time and money into developing the community.

The opportunity for these organizations to collaborate with local businesses and individuals to shape the future of Waseca forever is exciting and necessary.

One of the tools that have been created are the Action Pillar Committees. Each committee is mobilized around one specific pillar and they work on projects collaboratively. They are made up of people who are interested in being engaged with their community and see problems with solutions. They meet semi-regularly and are going to be meeting on Zoom to practice safe social distancing.

Some projects that have been completed include the Ladies Night business event, a wellness day event at the library, the Hemp Summit attracting new industry, and more.

We are currently looking for new volunteers who are interested in community building and are passionate supporters of all things Waseca. This is a low commitment committee that is dedicated to completing projects for the betterment of others. Let us know if you are interested in filling out this form. We can’t wait to work with you towards a better 2030!