A New Beginning

There is such unique power that comes from a community taking control of their future. The proactive nature of deciding to create a vision statement and action plan for a city is an opportunity like no other for community building. Waseca took the step in 2017 and hired experts to facilitate the process. What resulted was the Vision 2030 Action Plan and Mission Statement, guiding principles for what the people of Waseca want for their future.

Then the world happened. As it so often does. People become busy with jobs and kids and the suddenly a global pandemic. Waseca Vision 2030 lost some steam. With that, the City of Waseca in partnership with Lead for Minnesota hired me.

Hello! My name is Sophia. I am a recent graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato that has a passion for community building and making Minnesota feel like home. I am so excited to be living and learning in Waseca for the duration of my two-year fellowship and I am even more excited to be working on Vision 2030. It is an incredible thing to know that over 500 people participated in the data collection of the Vision and what has occurred in the result of it.

My plan is simple. First, I am going to get to know Waseca to the best of my ability. It is already my third week here and I have met and spoken to over 20 members of the community and asked them questions about what life is like here. Second, I am going to collaborate with local leaders to develop a plan to execute Vision 2030 to its fullest. And lastly, I am going to engage with folks all over Waseca that I know have the chance to help out, even if they do not know it yet. I am thrilled to get started and I can’t wait to see what is to come.

The Lead for Minnesota team including Vision 2030 fellow Sophia Hoiseth in the Waseca County Newspaper.

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  1. This is incredible and inspiring. As a relatively new member to the community myself – I look forward to watching this vision come to life and getting involved in any way I can!

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