Create high quality community assets

The High-Quality Assets Action Team began to re-meet this year and worked on projects related to highlighting what great assets we already have to promote to the public as well as hosting a road trip for local leaders to garner excitement about assets in other communities.

If you are interestd in joining in on projects that are related to creating or highlighting high quality community assets, let us know!

Here are some awesome things that have already happened within our community to create high quality assets!

  • Lead For Minnesota – Innovation Hub
  • New Richland FFA, F-H, Library events.
  • The city is working to fix infrastructure.
  • New city ordinances to help maintain appearance.
  • A park and trail system with a dedicated staff.
  • Music Garden at Trowbridge Park.
  • Bike Path Extension.
  • The updated path on highway 14 around the lake.
  • New single-family homes.
  • Curb and gutter projects.
  • Historic Preservation Society got historic district status.
  • New boutiques and restaurants downtown.
  • Waseca Area Foundation gives grant dollars to nonprofits. Examples:
  • School renovation.
  • Entrepreneurs filling up Quad Graphics building.
  • City park department enhancing trail system.
  • New dog park in the talks.
  • New chamber involvement in New Richland.
  • New infrastructure on the sewer lines.- Waldorf
  • Veterans Memorial.
  • Waldorf 16 million Sewer/Water/Storm Sewer and Street Improvement Project
  • New breweries & Pizza Farm – brings many people to Waseca
  • Community garden spaces – in town for people who lack transportation – edge of community for larger plots
  • School renovation in Waldorf – Waldorf business and education center
  • Entrepreneurial network – create entrepreneurs – create people as resources or groups
  • New boutiques and shopping for women
  • Park by waterpark – soccer fields and pavilion
  • Comm ed rentals of paddleboards, canoes etc at Clear Lake Park
  • Tink Larson Field