Strengthening Regional Connectivity

The Regional Connectivity Action Team was tasked with trying to connect in the year of social distancing. The team benefits from having people serve on it from all over Waseca County, they hosted an event to try and bring the county together and are looking to leverage the strength of all parts of our community to get through the challenges of COVID.

If you want to join in on a team of people working on regional connectivity, please let us know!

Here are some examples of things that have already been done to strengthen Waseca County's regional connectivity!

• Universities reaching out to Waseca graduates.
• Waseca Area Foundation offers grants across the region
• University of Minnesota Southern Extension office.
• Working to get electric lines underground.
• Park signs.
• High speed internet with MediaCom and others.
• 2 lakes trails and bike paths
• The Pizza Farm
• Half Pint Brewing
• Big Brother Big Sister (housed in Owatonna office)

• The Mill
• One Million Cups
• Specialty shops and brochures
• Jr. Achievement (housed in Owatonna)
• Waseca County Fair
• Facebook page
• House walks-Pink school house
• Bike Path Extension
• Small Business Revolution Finalist