Road Trip!

This past Saturday, Vision 2030 along with Lead for Minnesota took around 15 Waseca business leaders and community members on a road trip around southern Minnesota to gather inspiration, learn from industry, and garner excitement around the future of a Waseca Innovation Hub.

The Waseca Innovation Hub is an idea that is being worked on by many different stakeholders, and we know we will have more information for you all soon. For now, we used this opportunity to get future Waseca community members invested and interested into what could happen in our community.

We stopped at a downtown redevelopment spot in St. James, Minnesota to learn about the process of saving a building with community support.

Then we headed over to Albert Lea to learn from the Minnesota Riverland Technical College to hear about higher education partnerships.

We ended the day in Rochester at Collider, a coworking space sparking entrepreneurial innovation in their town, and dinner at Forager Brewery to learn from the founder about how to bring people together behind a special project.

We are so thankful to the incredible people who spoke to us and the Wasecans who gave up their Saturday to tag along. We know that engaging with our neighbors is the key to success in our town!